Announcing LanteaCraft RC1

After having written and rewritten the old SGCraft Reloaded code into LanteaCraft, we can now announce the first release-candidate builds of LanteaCraft! This has been a massive rewrite and re-design of the original mod, and includes a heap of new features.

  • Major core restructures: LanteaCraft can convert worlds from SGCraft and SGCraft Reloaded.
  • Stargates are now 7×7: larger entities can now fit through the Stargates.
  • New addressing system: up to 877,936 blocks in range and functioning in over 2,800 dimensions.
  • Shorthand addresses: you only need use the first seven symbols to dial in the local dimension.
  • No need for Galacticraft support: addressing system automatically detects GalactiCraft and other special dimensions.
  • GUI and functionality changes: added copy and paste buttons and hooks to Stargates and DHD’s.
  • Added Naquadah Generators: cheap, clean power on mass.
  • Added Trinium Ore: new ores and alloys for later use.
  • Added new decoration blocks: deck out your base with Lantean Steel or Goa’uld Gold!
  • … and much more!

Get a copy of LanteaCraft today!


About AfterLifeLochie

I'm one of the Lanteacraft developers, woo!