LanteaCraft RC1-24 is out!

The LanteaCraft team have been working hard the last few months to hammer out many bugs and issues, and add more features to LanteaCraft. It is with great pleasure that we can announce the release of LanteaCraft RC1-24, our latest recommended build.

We’ve made a lot of changes, including…

  • Texture name fix (missing assets)
  • Added missing Naqaudriah textures
  • Updated de_DE.lang
  • Fix Liquid Naquadah MCMETA animations
  • Fix for a bug where Stargates expect >9 symbols and never finish dialling.
  • Fix a radix bug where startDiallingSymbol made 0 > i and never finish dialling.
  • Fix missing AT declarations to fix UE depdendency.
  • Fix SoundEngine crash.
  • Fix issue #46: accidentally made orgen very verbose.
  • Fix issue #47: Making FilteredInventory ISidedInventory.
  • Fix issue #42: Building the stargate bottom-to-top doesn’t make a whole gate.
  • Transporter rings beta.
  • Fix NPE when destroying gate blocks.
  • Fixing issues #66 and #68.
  • Update cs_CZ.lang, en_US.lang, de_DE.lang.
  • Fixed missing glyphs in assets for SG1-gate.
  • Fix label NAQUADRIAH (previously NAQAHDRIAH).
  • Stargates will shutdown if the multiblock state is M_INVALID.
  • Fix address length in computercraft hook.
  • Naquadah generators now require redstone signal > 0 to run
  • Stargates have real inner rings now.
  • Fix issue #8: Redstone behaviour fix.
  • Added version engine.
  • Fixing weird animation, new render UVmapping.
  • We are now 100% compatible with OpenComputers. We’ve had to temporarily drop ComputerCraft support until I can fix issues created by their API changes.
  • Some more changes to Transporter Ring logic – they’re still work-in-progress, but they now swap entities.
  • Stargate event horizons (transients) are lethal to just about everything.
  • Rewritten sound-engine; Stargates make noise again, and we can cue sounds precisely to the animations.
  • Changed core energy systems – preparing for Energy Crystals inside Stargates.
  • Stargates are no longer chunkloaders, they’ll load remote gates when a dial is requested. This was a real problem for servers and server owners.
  • Some core network changes which make it easier for us to prevent network de-syncs.
  • Started implementing Lantean Glass, still unfinished (but pretty!).
  • Fixed rendering with DHD and other GUI elements appearing off the screen.
  • Fixing missing GUI elements in Stargate Controllers.
  • Fixing issue with explosions being a bit too explosion-y by disabling them for now.
  • Fixing math for transient effect damage, actually damages players standing in front now.
  • Stargates have lost some weight; slightly thinner and slimmer design.
  • Fixing dependencies on Universal Electricity and Buildcraft; you won’t need to install them alongside LanteaCraft to fix that annoying ClassNotFound issue.
  • Hopefully fixing invisible blocks (Railcraft’s tracker, Galacticraft ‘oxygen’) inside Stargates which made them deform or crash.
  • Fixing a null-pointer issue in ring-platforms which caused game stops.

…. and many more! You should get a copy of LanteaCraft today!


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I'm one of the Lanteacraft developers, woo!